New AG5 office

— 04.02.18

AG5 has had a well-functioning shared office with Thing Brandt Landskab at Ryesgade 23 in Nørrebro since 2010. As a result of major construction projects in Ryesgade, our office has moved to new premises in Adelgade 15.

AG5 was responsible for the renovation of the 4th floor in existing office building in the center of Copenhagen. The building, which is designed by architect Venn Eske Kristensen, is ideal for an architectural office. Large and regular placed windows mean that the room has good natural  light exposure from the east and west. The good daylight conditions are supported by a new lighting system with kelvin change, which compliments the color and amount of daylight. Acoustically, the 400 m2 room is regulated with Soft Cell ceiling elements mounted in rafts on the underside of the concrete deck.