KBH Madhus

Outdoor kitchen
Ingerslevsgade 44, 1705Copenhagen
Copenhagen Council

As an initiative from the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, KBH Madhus aims to increase the nutritious health standard of society on all levels, by educating cooks from institutions, sports clubs, and schools, and inspiring them to make healthy and better food. This project seeks to promote this intention, while delivering attention to detail through simple design elements and sustainable solutions. 

The Madhus required three things: visibility, an outdoor kitchen, and covered seating. A new “red pavilion”, that transforms the logo, branding and graphics of the Madhus to an iconic element, contains the new outdoor kitchen. 

As construction had to take place over winter, the pavilion is constructed from prefabricated solid timber elements and clad in perforated aluminium panels. The concrete ground surface is cleaned and repaired as necessary with the black steel frames and sails giving the space human scale and texture. 

This project reinforces the relationship between an interpretation of modernist architecture, graphic design, branding, ecology, and reuse whenever possible, to build upon KBH Madhus’ own values.